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i loved you real
until i can’t do it no more
i fought for you
until i can’t find anything
worth fighting for
i stayed true
until i realized i wasn’t happy
anymore with you
i did, my love
i tried my best
until you realized
you had to do the rest
but you didn’t, didn’t you?
you never passed the test
i waited and waited
until finally, i decided,
that i needed to rest
i got tired, i did,
i know,
that was unfair of me,
not letting you know
but i wanted you to
give it attention
well, you never were the one
to notice building tension
you said you loved me,
i know that much is true
but i also know
you didn’t love me enough
to stop me from leaving you
you may be shaking your head,
you may be thinking that i lie
because you did talk to me
several times
but like what i’ve said before
that’s not what i
needed from you
you already know
what that is
so i’m not going
to mention it
i feel this poem is getting
much too, much too thick
i fought, i loved you,
my darling, i stayed true
until i cant find
any reason to
you didn’t give me
a reason to
my heart was too full
of my love for you
until it drained
and was left empty
oh damn
how i loved you
it breaks my heart in two
seeing you
loving you
it is why i wasn’t able to
go on anymore
i gave up
even if i loved you so
because how can you
when it
is not true?


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