The Sunday Currently | Vol 1

Now, I’ve just been recently getting back into blogging, so this is my first try at a blogging series. I first saw this on my friend, Jonine’s blog (Visit her, if you will!), but The Sunday Currently is a link-up made by Siddathornton where you basically provide a glimpse into your Sunday life. I know today is not a Sunday, but still, I’d like to start on it. I write this as if it was this past Sunday. Here goes.


I’m currently re-reading several books at once-something I usually have a tendency to do whenever I’m in a book rut. This specifically happens whenever I finish something, either it be another book or say a movie or series, I tend to read the next closest thing to it that is available. So those books are namely: The Mortal Instruments, City of Ashes (Because I finished the first season of the TV adaptation Shadowhunters on Freeform and I loved it so much I wanted to get caught up with the story line.) and Fifty Shades Darker (Just because the trailer came out! Don’t judge.)


I’m writing a poem. About love, of course. It will be posted soon. I’m currently nurturing a newfound love for penning poems, to the point where I usually spout impromptu rhyming lines to whoever I’m chatting with, to their amusement.


To my Spotify Playlist, ‘An Eclectic Playlist’. Now playing is “Remedy” by Adele, one of my current favorite songs this month, including “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” and “When We Were Young,” both also by Adele and an emotional track that I personally love, “Piece by Piece-Idol Version” by Kelly Clarkson.


About failures. How other people have continually failed me time and time again. Should I just be used to it? Somehow I find that incredibly sad. *Sigh*


The amazing aroma of freshly brewed coffee. I spent half the day at Starbucks.


That I had my sister’s laptop with me so I could update my blog.


That everything will be alright. The weeks past were really trying.


A black t-shirt I borrowed from my brother and gray cut-off denim shorts (that were a pair of pants yesterday that I repurposed into shorts.)


My Green Tea Latte. This is my second Venti today. I am a girl addicted.


To make up my mind about crucial things. I believe I have, but I am having doubts. Of course I’m having doubts. How could I not? This is me, dammit.


Help in figuring out how to update the look of my blog. It has been 11 months since I  had last accessed it, due to password problems and life getting in the way. Help!


Doubtful about my decisions. My mind is full of What-ifs.
Anxious that I’ve made a mistake-and that if I didn’t, what should I do to stop feeling this way?


Have a happy Sunday!


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