poem · poetic · story

for you

you have always been there
and I have always been here
almost together, almost apart
we love each other, we do

we die every few years
only to resurrect anew
after all has been said and done
i come back home to you

it’s my fault, I know
whenever we disappear
i take solace in your presence
i feel you, see you clear

but I forget us, I admit
my heart is a fickle bitch
it thinks it sees happiness
in the arms of another, the fool

eventually, I come back to you,
my heart in sharp, broken slivers
love unrequited, eyes pooled with tears
yet you feel me, you see me clear

you accept and you mend,
you make me believe for more
you’re my laughter, my smiles
you’re my saving grace

we have been here always
but we can never be
almost together, almost apart
but we love, we do


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