the unspoken words form in your mind
their taste cloying on your tongue

you are enamored by her heart

you long to tell her, yet you know you could never
so you make up an excuse from which you tried not to waver

you gaze at her from afar

to be with her, to bathe in her light, her smile
everything about her you try to resist, yet it is futile

unconsciously, her soul beckons to yours

but you stare down and stare out
the darkness creeping from within

enveloping you again as she recedes from view

because it is impossible to ask someone to stay
if she’s not yours to begin with anyway

I wrote this for my friend, Judah Kempis, who is never afraid to love, yet is mostly afraid of voicing it out. Here’s to you, Judes, and the hope that you’ll eventually find the love you’re destined for. 😉


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