The way you look at me

Have you ever loved somebody so much, and knew they loved you the same way too?

Someone who hugs you like there’s no tomorrow. Who kisses you like he was born to do it. Who always takes care of you and is there whenever you need him. He comforts you, treasures you, and when you look into his eyes, you see forever.

You know, like the bookworm I am, I’ve come across that last line a hundred times but I’d never actually known what it meant. So, naturally, I had a lot of questions. Would you see a full-blown fireworks show in the depths of his irises? Would you see white fenced house, children, a dog, two dozen cats? I never really imagined it much, mainly because I had no clue as to what it is. I tried to look for it. I know the mantra: you don’t find love, love finds you and whatnot.

But as a hopeless romantic… I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to find out what those girls in my books were talking about. I wanted to know how Dan Humphrey looked at Serena in that episode of Gossip Girl. How that would feel. I wanted to be happy… loved. Several times I convinced myself I saw it already in some guy’s eyes. Made excuses. I thought if I believed it hard enough, someday, it would be true. And that may be right… but, alas, when it came to love, it is not applicable.

But, betcha by golly wow, what do I know? It is true, what everybody says. Love will find you eventually, and in the most unexpected way. Anyhoo, it did for me.

It’s not like a near death experience where they say your life flashes before your eyes. Anything I’d ever imagined did not even come close to the real thing. Looking into his eyes… I’d never felt anything like it. So, now, I conclude na meron ngang forever. 😉

Forever is looking into his eyes and knowing deep in your heart, your gut, your gummy insides that you will be as happy, as content, as safe and as loved as you are in that moment and for the rest of your lives together. ❤

So there you go. A lovestruck post. Please avoid puking into your lap, because I do not want that on my conscience.


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