Hello world!

That title reminds me of a Paramore song (or is it an album?) and a girl back in college who used to exclaim (and I mean exclaim!!) this line every time she introduces herself to class.

Deep breaths. Here we go.

Hey guys! My name is so freaking long that one can grow a beard while saying it. Seriously, it consists of five words. Almost kinda like Khaleesi:


But not quite. So you can just call me Francia. 🙂

I’ve been blogging ever since my college days, (That was back in 2012. Check out therunawaywriter.blogspot.com!) but I kind of took a hiatus for a year or so because my life hasn’t been as easy as it once was. Well, it hasn’t ever been easy, but the past couple of years has been a flying dragon ride due to a very busy senior college year of being a screenwriter for an indie film, a couple of job mishaps, An Attack from the Fire Nation and the death of my lovely, lovely grandmother, all of which will be posted in time;


Along with anything and everything under the sun that interests and inspires me:

I.e books (because I love reading), writing (I am a writer, down to the deepest darkest parts of my gonads), movies and T.V shows (Am a movie/show junkie. I can predict the story lines correctly which is weird and sometimes unfortunate), fashion, makeup, all things vintage and crafty (I am a total DIYer. Check my account: pinterest.com/franzemaria/ . I also taught myself how to sew, so I used to make or alter some of my clothes, and I’m hoping to start doing that again!

Oh, and I almost forgot, I am also blogging for my beautiful, talented cousin (DON’T tell her I said that!), Liezl, about her travels, so be sure to check it out at traveltoforever.wordpress.com!

Okaaay, so there you go! I’ll be working on my writing; so see you soon!

This is gonna be a blast! 🙂


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